Term 4 Dance & Drama : School Production

I am learning to:

Complete a dance routine for our School Production. Chubby Checker’s Let’s Twist Again from the 1960’s

I can do this when I can:

Learn the specific steps to a dance
Keep in time to the music
Follow instructions

Value Focus: Excellence

Term 3 Reading

Jack knows a good reader will read on when they get stuck on a word and by reading on it will help them to work out what the word might be.

Term 3 Numeracy

I am learning my:

·  x2 x5 and x10 tables      

Success Criteria:

·  I will be able to calculate the answers quickly in my head

Teacher's Comment:
Congratulations Jack. You have worked hard throughout the year during numeracy lessons and you are making steady progress. Ka Pai.

Term 3 Gymnastics

I am learning to:

Recognise and show different gymnastic shapes and to use these shapes in a simple sequence involving movement

Success Criteria:

I will be able to show a stretch, straddle, tuck and pike and use them in a simple movement sequence


"It was fun doing gymnastics because I liked doing the rolling. The Hedgehog Roll was my favourite. I also liked the warm up game Dead Ants" said Jack.

2013 CARE Values Self Evaluation

Oaklands School CARE Values

I show our school CARE value COMMUNITY by picking up rubbish inside and outside.

I show our school CARE value Active Thinking by thinking before I do it.

I show our school CARE value Respect by looking after things in our class.

I show our school CARE value Excellence by doing my best work.